The Real Reason Cesaro Is Wearing A Mouthguard On WWE TV


This past September at WWE‘s No Mercy PPV, one-half of RAW Tag Team Champions The Bar, Cesaro, lost two of his front teeth after being catapulted into a ring post by Dean Ambrose. For the past several weeks Cesaro has been wearing a mouthguard on WWE TV, making his promos sound absolutely terrible.

There has been speculation that this is a backstage joke from Vince McMahon, who finds the mouthguard funny, but Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer reports that’s not the case. Apparently the reason Cesaro is wearing the mouthguard is so WWE fans don’t see his braces. Currently there’s no information on how long Cesaro will be wearing the mouthguard, but the sooner he gets it off the better.

Discussion: Is WWE making too big a deal out of Cesaro’s braces? Would you prefer to see him with our without the mouthguard?

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