Two Superstars Debut On UpUpDownDown Madden Tournament


Austin Creed’s YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown, is in the middle of it’s 2017 Madden 18 Tournament.  Previous years have been dominated by The Champ: Seth Rollins.  He is still undefeated and continues his pursuit, looking to add a third championship to his cabinet.

Previous match ups have included Baron Corbin VS Kofi Kingston, as well as Titus O’Neill VS The Miz; both showdowns saw the former football athletes struggle.  While Corbin and Kingston were able to stay relatively lighthearted, with smiles and laughs on both sides, The Miz was unable to stop talking for the entire 26 minute video as he took on the head of Titus Brand Worldwide.  It’s difficult to not feel sorry for Titus as he sat silently throughout the unwarranted barrage of advice and taunts; however, it’s also extremely amusing and enjoyable.

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The Hollywood A-Lister advanced through to the next round of the tournament in a 24-09 win and will come up against a member of The Miztourage: Curtis Axel, who beat Brian Kendrick 37-0.

The latest Madden 18 game to feature on Austin Creed’s YouTube channel was between two WWE superstars making their debut in the tournament: TJ Perkins and Luke Gallows.  This match-up potentially represents the most experienced video game player, overall, against the least experienced.  TJP based his in-ring persona on retro gaming, using 8-bit logos and music to support his character, which seems to be most inspired by Megaman games.

The only knowledge Luke Gallows was able to pick up before the start of the match, came from his old friend “Uncle AJ”; unfortunately it still wasn’t very helpful and Gallows had to sit as he was beaten by a nerd.

The beauty of this episode is found in the continuous jokes that each superstar bounces off.  They both have a great rapport with each other and work together, especially as TJP appears to look up towards Gallows, constantly wanting a Too Sweet.  While he destroys his inexperienced opponent, it seems as though TJP just wants to be liked by his older relative, and at the same time – his older relative just wants to fit in.  It’s an amusing insight into an unusual combination that wouldn’t be seen in-ring together.


Recent rumours have run around the internet about Gallows and Anderson potentially leaving the company, fueled by the removal of WWE from their Twitter descriptions.  Whether these rumours are true or not, it’s clear to see that Luke Gallows is a respected and admired superstar in the locker room.