Braun Strowman Imitates Hulk Hogan (Photos), WWE Banning The GTS?


WWE held a live event from Madison Square Garden last night, and after his match against Kane, Braun Strowman celebrated in the ring by using Hulk Hogan‘s mannerisms. Check out a photo here:

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– Hideo Itami has used the GTS as his finishing maneuver for quite some time on WWE TV, however, after a recent incident in his match with Brian Kendrick on RAW this past Monday, there’s speculation the company could be banning the move. On 205 Live last night Itami defeated Jack Gallagher using a new finisher – Neville’s Rings Of Saturn.

This feeds the speculation that WWE could be shelving the move. With Itami now using the Rings Of Saturn there’s also speculation that Neville won’t be coming back to the company. We’ll keep you updated.