Former WWE Superstar Reveals He Was Nearly a ‘Brother of Destruction’


Former WWE and TNA star Matt Morgan has revealed that he was very nearly cast as a brother of Kane and The Undertaker.

The initial plans in 2005 called for Morgan to appear in a mask that was almost identical to the ‘Big Red Machine’s’ and to have Morgan work a similar in ring style to Kane. The similarities in style would become obvious in time and it would’ve been later revealed that the ‘Brothers of Destruction’ did have another sibling.

Morgan also revealed to Wrestling Inc that his character’s name would’ve been ‘Abel,’ obviously a play on the biblical story of Cain and Abel. As you may well know this isn’t exactly what Morgan ended up with, his stuttering gimmick landed him on the preverbal scrapheap and he later enjoyed a somewhat successful run in TNA.

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Oh how different Morgan’s career could have been…