Hulk Hogan Involved In Another Lawsuit Regarding Leaked Sex Tape


WWE Hall Of Famer Hulk Hogan won a $140.1 million lawsuit last March against Gawker for publishing a sex tape of his that he didn’t know was being recorded. Gawker tried to plead that they were protected under the First Amendment because the video was newsworthy. Gawker would eventually declare bankruptcy and settled in bankruptcy court to pay “The Hulkster” $31 million.

In the tape Hogan could be heard making some violently racist comments and was fired from WWE which cost him role as a judge on WWE Tough Enough in summer of 2015. Gawker claimed the only reason Hogan sued them was to try and prevent the racist comments from becoming public.

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Per a report from ABC Action News, Hogan is now in yet another lawsuit regarding the tape, this time against radio personality and host of the 1025 The Bone morning show, Mike “Cowhead” Calta. Also being sued is Calta’s former co-worker Matt “Spice Boy” Loyd, and Cox Radio who are the owners of The Bone. The lawsuit accuses Calta and Loyd of “stealing, disseminating, using and exploiting illegally-recorded video.”

A motion to dismiss the case made by the defendants was denied by the judge. A response is required from them within 20 days. Hogan is seeking unspecified damages after claiming the tape ruined his professional wrestling career.