Jim Cornette Has High Praise For WWE UK Stars


Jim Cornette is a fairly outspoken personality in the wrestling world, his views on the ‘modern’ style of pro wrestling ala The Young Bucks have been in the news once again and as always are fairly disparaging.

In a slight change to usual proceedings Cornette has some praise for a match from this week’s NXT show. The main event for the WWE UK Championship between Tyler Bate & Pete Dunne has been garnering plaudits from fans online and now Cornette has described the two young superstars as “WAAY beyond their experience level” and that they “mix modern style/WOS style well, at their ages they will be stars for years to come.

Did you enjoy the WWE UK Title match from this week’s NXT? How far do you think Bate & Dunne can go in the WWE? Let us know in the comments.

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