Jim Ross: “I Will Be Shocked” If Hulk Hogan Does Not Return To WWE In 2018


Have we seen the last of Hulk Hogan in WWE? Legendary wrestling announcer Jim Ross is absolutely convinced we haven’t. Good ‘ol JR spoke with Business Insider this past week to promote his best selling book, Slobberknocker: My Life In Wrestling and says he will be “shocked” if Hulk Hogan is not back in WWE next year.

Hogan has been persona non grata since 2015 when audio leaked of him making racist comments about African Americans. The Hulkster has been keeping a relatively low profile since then. Whatever business opportunities exist in his future, a return to the WWE Universe and plugging back in to global WWE marketing machine has to be the best case scenario for him.

JR says, “The world has an interesting way of forgiving others. The guy paid his price. He had a trial. He lost jobs. He had a court case. I don’t know what more he needs to do. And why are we his judge and jury? It seems right for, arguably the greatest alumnus of WWE ever with the most global name identity, will make his presence felt in WWE in some way.”

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As the former head of WWE‘s talent relations division, Jim Ross says, “If I were there, I would encourage that development.” If fans aren’t ready to welcome Hogan back into the fold after a 2 year exile, Ross says those fans don’t have to watch. He believes Hulk Hogan belongs in WWE and expects it to happen some time next year.

“I don’t know what Terry – Hulk Hogan is able to do physically,” Ross said. “I know he’s still training. He’s about my age — 64, but he’s in really good shape. He looks awesome. So, I would say that Hulk is – there’s a ticket for Hulk to punch somewhere to get back in WWE, at least on a reoccurring role-type basis, in my opinion.”

You can watch JR’s comments about Hulk Hogan returning to WWE here: