Macaulay Culkin Gets Physically Involved At Bar Wrestling Event (Video)


Actor Macaulay Culkin got physically involved at a pro wrestling event in Los Angeles on Thursday and utilized some “Home Alone” tactics during a 6-person mixed tag team match.

It all went down at Bar Wrestling’s Christmas special show. Culkin was ringside for a match involving Joey Ryan, Candace Larae and Dick Justice vs. Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas and Swoggle. Culkin, rocking a Roddy Piper t-shirt (and bunny ears), channeled his inner Kevin McAllister and rolled marbles into the ring, sending the villains flying.

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The crowd went nuts chanting “Home Alone!” as Culkin squared off against Hornswoggle and hit a top rope splash Jimmy Snukka would have been proud of.

Check out this footage courtesy of Marc Raimondi of MMAFighting: