Raw Viewership Sinks to Lowest Number Since June


Monday Night Raw this week drew 2,684,000 viewers, the lowest number for the show since June 12th. It was up against the Patriots and Dolphins MNF game which drew 11 million viewers.

This number is down from last week’s 2,813,000 viewers and is down from the November 13th and 20th episodes which each drew over 3 million viewers.

Raw Rating Hourly Breakdown

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Raw’s 1st hour drew 2,876,000 viewers and was the most viewed hour. The 2nd hour of the show drew the lowest viewership of 2,570,000. Finally, the 3rd hour, which featured Kane vs. Braun Strowman in the main event, drew 2,608,000 viewers.

Raw ranked 4th out of the top 150 cable shows airing Monday night.

The last time Raw drew a total viewership less than they did Monday was on June 12th when they drew 2,542,000 viewers.