Rob Van Dam’s Concussion History Preventing WWE Return


Documents obtained through Rob Van Dam’s divorce proceedings have revealed the 47-year-old is unable to return to WWE. According to documents filed by his lawyers, RVD suffered permanent vision loss due to a concussion suffered last November for PCW in California.

This vision loss and history of concussions, his lawyer contends, will prevent him from ever competing inside a WWE ring again.

Rob Van Dam’s Divorce

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RVD is going through divorce proceedings with his ex-wife, Sonia. The two had been married from 1998-2015. The purpose of RVD’s filings was to show his income level has been “substantially reduced” since the time he and Sonia were married. The filings also report that RVD’s merchandise contract with WWE ran out in July.

Since 2016, RVD has been linked to independent wrestler, Katie Forbes.