Finn Balor Reacts To Miz’s “Prince Nevitt” Name Drop, Roman Reigns’ Wrists Scarred & Bruised (Photo)


WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz used Finn Balor and Seth Rollins‘ old indy names (Prince Devitt and Tyler Black) on Monday Night RAW last night during a promo. Miz mispronounced Balor’s indy name, however, calling him Prince “Nevitt” instead. Balor responded to Miz’s mispronunciation on Twitter:

– RAW opened up yesterday with Roman Reigns being handcuffed by US Marshals before taking a savage beating from Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. When Reigns was put up on the stretcher and escorted out of the arena, WWE snapped a photo that caught “The Big Dog’s” wrists bruised and scarred after the segment. Check it out:

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