Tony Khan Comments On AEW Touring Schedule


Tony Khan revealed how many shows a year AEW is looking to run.

Tony Khan can see AEW running up to 120 shows per year. The President of the new promotion does not want to make house shows a core component of his business and does not want to put too much mileage on his top stars. Khan commented on AEW‘s touring schedule recently on Steve Austin‘s podcast.

Austin asked Khan if the weekly TV show will be filmed on the road or in-studio.

“We’re going to get out and we’re going to travel across the United States and we’re going to travel outside the United States eventually too but I’m initially focussed on travelling inside the United States and doing the kind of wrestling show nobody has done in a long time if ever – nope probably never before,” Khan answered.

Tony Khan on AEW Touring Schedule

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As for doing house shows, Khan had the following to say:

“(House shows are) not my core business focus and I’ve kind of made it part of the business plan is that I don’t want to put too much mileage on the top performers by having them perform on shows where it’s not going to generate as much revenue where it doesn’t make as much business sense to put the mileage on your guys and I also don’t want to put out an inferior house show product that isn’t the top people.”

“So, if you do see us do house shows they are going to be top shows with the top people, which means we’re not going to be doing 5-6 a week of them.”

Khan is looking to ramp up to 100-120 shows per year.

“When we get into weekly TV I’d like to get in a good rhythm of where we’re doing let’s say 100-120 shows a year.”

The full podcast can be listened to here.