Brandi Rhodes On Negative Reactions To Her Position In AEW


Brandi Rhodes reveals thoughts on negative reactions as a woman of color in position of power

AEW‘s Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes recently spoke with veteran MMA reporter Jonathan Snowden for Bleacher Report’s Off The Top Rope feature. During the interview, she discussed things like the company’s approach to women’s wrestling, her on-screen character and more in detail.

The Diversity Of AEW Women’s Roster

Brandi said that one of the best things about AEW‘s women’s division is its diversity. According to her, having wrestlers belonging to the Japanese Joshi Puroresu interact with the American style of wrestling is going to be a nice mix which everyone, no matter what their preference is, will be able to enjoy.

The upcoming Casino Battle Royal will be one such spot where we will be able to see the clash of different styles as 21 amazing female wrestlers will be showcasing their talent. However, since AEW does not have 21 females signed to the promotion, they are bringing some outside talents to fill the spots.

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This list includes names such as Sadie Gibbs and Jazz and people have been wondering if their appearance will be the start of a long term relationship between the company and the wrestlers. When asked about it, Brandi said that this is an opportunity for a lot these women to showcase their skills but she confirmed that they are not considered active members of their roster:

“This is an opportunity for a lot of these women to get in front of a larger audience. Maybe an opportunity most of them have never had, or at least not in a long time. Right now, most of these women aren’t active members of the AEW roster. But that doesn’t mean they won’t continue to work with us. “

Facing Negative Fan Reaction For Being A Woman Of Color

Being a woman of color in the position of power means that Rhodes has to deal with a lot of narrow-minded people and she has to face negative reactions on social media every day. Discussing this issue, the AEW Official said that Social Media has always been a platform where people can say whatever they want without being accountable. However, it’s not going to stop her from doing her job:

“Social media always has that anonymous factor to it where people can say whatever they want to say without being accountable. Definitely, there are people who have adverse reactions to our brand as well as my role. That’s OK. It’s just social media and it’s never going to change as far as I can tell. But it’s not going to stop me from doing my job and what I need to do and what I love to do.”

The Changing Dynamic Of Her Character

Apart from this, Brandi Rhodes also discussed the changing dynamic of her on-screen character. She claimed that her character is more complicated than people give her credit for. She does have moments where she can rope people in and make them feel sorry for her but it’s up to them to decide whether she is being real or playing everyone.

Brandi Rhodes is currently set to compete in the Casino Battle Royal at All Out from Chicago on August 31st. The winner of this match will receive an opportunity to compete for AEW‘s women’s championship during the company’s TNT debut on October 2nd.