Andrade Talks His Family’s Legacy


Andrade his a third generation wrestler. His father wrestled as Brillante and his grandfather as El Moro. Many of his uncles and cousins are also professional luchadors. The 29-year-old recently spoke with about his family’s history in wrestling.

“I’m from Gomez Palacio, Durango,” Andrade says in the video (translated). “I’m proudly from Mexico. I am in another country, but representing Mexicans and all the Latinos as well.”

WWE posted the following video of Andrade talking his family’s history in wrestling:

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“This is my life; I came to give all of myself,” he continues. “Lucha Libre has been in me since my birth. It is in my blood and I don’t regret my roots.”

Andrade would continue to talk about his family history in wrestling.

“My grandfather started with ‘sports-entertainment’ in the family. My father followed his steps, my uncles and also myself, following the family tradition. I did not have the honor of seeing my grandfather wrestle. I was three years old when he passed away. But I had the honor of being present to see my father wrestle. I was a little kid, and also wrestled next to him, never against him but being next to him in the ring. I’ve watched my uncles wrestle. I’ve been in the ring against them, and also against my cousins. I chose this path and I followed it. It’s amazing and I don’t regret it.”