Backstage Updates On Recent Changes To WWE Commentary Teams


It seems that some of the recent changes are only tempory solutions

WWE confirmed the long-rumored changes to the broadcast teams of both Raw and SmackDown yesterday, alongside the official announcement of its F1S studio show dubbed WWE Backstage.

Though the reports which have come out since then have provided some interesting updates on these announcements and they reveals that some of these arrangements might not be permanent.

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As part of their announcement, WWE confirmed that Jerry Lawler will be returning to Raw for commentary, however, Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that the company only intends to use him for a short period of time.

Officials are considering other people to fulfil the position on a full-time basis. Speculation is that this is why Mickie James was featured on Main Event as one of the commentators this week, though this news is not confirmed.

The arrangement for the F1S studio show which is announced to be hosted by Booker T and Renee Young seems to be temporary as well.

According to report from PWinsider, a number of WWE Legends have been brought to Los Angeles to audition for a role on the show and the idea is to switch between these personalities on different weeks.

We can also see multi-person booths as Fox has played with different versions of the show ranging from panels of 3 to 5 people but nothing is locked yet.

Though one name who will be a staple for the show is Cathy Kelley. She is expected to be a big part of the program and Kelley will be splitting her time between NXT and the new series going forward.

As far as the production goes, the show will be pre-taped once a week and its set is made to look like it’s inside a wrestling ring with yellow ropes.

These changes are only the beginning of things and with the scheduled drafts, we can expect the rosters of both SmackDown and Raw to be shuffled in similar fashion as well.