Cody Rhodes Comments On AEW in Canada, Favorite WCW Matches & More


Cody recently commented on AEW TV in Canada.

Cody Rhodes answered some questions from fans on Twitter yesterday and made some interesting statements during the conversation. Fans asked Cody about AEW television in Canada, his favourite matches, and more.

Fans in Canada are still waiting to hear how they will be able to watch AEW‘s weekly television show. Cody told fans in Canada to be patient and insinuated an announcement could be forthcoming.

Many believe the program could end up on TSN, which aired both RAW and Nitro during the Monday Night Wars. RAW would air live on Monday nights on TSN but Nitro was often not broadcast until Wednesday. WWE has since moved its Canadian programming to Sportsnet.

Cody Rhodes Q&A Highlights

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Cody also was asked on Twitter what his favourite match of his career was.

He was also asked about his favourite matches in WCW history:

Cody also made some interesting comments regarding changes he has seen in the wrestling industry since All In.

“After “All In” I’ve noticed it’s increasingly more talent controlled. Less or zero writers, less corporate agendas, more freedom(which lets the really talented wrestlers shine bright but is also risky for the greener ones). More seasoned talent, more awareness, more listening,” Cody Tweeted.