Dustin Rhodes On Being The AEW Promo Coach


Dustin Rhodes will be following his father's footsteps as the promo coach of AEW

Former WWE and current AEW Star Dustin Rhodes recently had an interview with Bleacher Report where he spoke openly about his role in the newly established wrestling company.

Dusty Rhodes, the father of Dustin Rhodes is credited by a lot of current and former NXT Stars as the one who helped them develop their character and improve their mic skills to a great extent.

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Now Dustin will be following the footsteps of his dad as the AEW promo coach and according to him, the wrestlers will not have to memorize anything word for word:

“I’ve been hired as a promo coach, and I want to help teach them how to talk, you don’t have to take this gigantic paragraph of text and memorize that s–t word for word, because it’s going to come off bland and not true to your character.”

Rhodes went on to say that they will work out who the character of the person is and try to find a happy medium between where the company wants the stars to go and where the stars want to go themselves.

According to Dustin, the ones he is going to push the most are the ones who have never done promo and who are nervous about being on TV.

Apart from this, Dustin Rhodes also discussed how they will have time to tell stories on their TV show and they won’t be stuck doing 4 minutes television matches. You can read his full interview at this link.