Dustin Rhodes Reveals His Father Didn’t Want Him To Join The Wrestling Industry


The star formerly known as Goldust talks about his start in professional wrestling

Both Dustin Rhodes and Cody Rhodes have honored the legacy of their father Dusty Rhodes in their own way and they both have worked hard to become successful wrestlers in their own right.

However, during a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Dustin talked about his start in wrestling and revealed that their dad actually didn’t want him to become a wrestler.

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Rhodes was talking about his childhood. He said that he loved everything about the business since he was little and revealed that Dusty didn’t want him to get into the wrestling industry:

“For the first time I was let in on all the secret stuff, the kayfabe stuff, I’d been longing for so, so long. He gave me a crash course; he didn’t want me to get into the wrestling industry. But that’s all I wanted. I grew up desiring nothing but the wrestling business.”

However, the current AEW Star stayed loyal to his dream. This forced his dad to allow him to work in the business, though he still made Dustin work his way up through the industry.

According to the star formerly known as Goldust, he had to learn everything about the business by working hard and spending countless hours in the gym as well as with the veterans on the road.

His first break in the industry came when Dusty told him to referee a couple of matches. He instructed Dustin to drive the car to reach the arena, while the Hall Of Famer flew in for the show in his private jet.

Apart from this, Dustin also talked about AEW‘s upcoming TV show, helping young talents and more. You can check out his full interview at this link.