Everything We Know About NXT To USA


NXT begins airing on the USA Network September 18th, 2019.

NXT will begin airing live weekly on the USA Network every Wednesday night beginning September 18th. The brand’s move to a major cable network and expansion to a 2-hour live show has wrestling fans excited for the beginning of what is being dubbed “the Wednesday Night Wars.”

Here is everything we know about NXT‘s move to the USA Network.

NXT To Remain At Full Sail University

WWE and Full Sail University released a press release this week stating that the school will remain the venue for NXT‘s weekly show.

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WWE (NYSE: WWE) and Full Sail University have expanded their partnership as NXT will now emanate weekly from Full Sail Live and air on Wednesday nights live on USA Network at 8/7c starting September 18,” the press release reads.

NXT and Full Sail’s relationship goes deeper than just hosting shows, however. Full Sail students actually participate in the production of the show. Here’s what the NXT and Full Sail press release had to say regarding the real-world experience and scholarships WWE has awarded students of the University with.

“In addition, the partnership has resulted in hundreds of hours of practical production experience for more than 1,200 students, multiple career networking opportunities for students and grads, and WWE has granted more than $400,000 in scholarships to Full Sail University students, which are applied toward the recipient’s areas of study within the university. The partnership will continue to deliver real-world experience to students in all facets of broadcasting and television.”

Full Sail University President, Garry Jones had the following to say regarding the expansion of their relationship.

“With the latest announcement of NXT emanating from Full Sail Live each week and airing on the USA Network, we look forward to the expanded learning opportunities this will provide to our students.”

Kevin Owens Teases An NXT Return?

One question many fans have is whether we could see big-name main roster WWE stars on NXT programming. Kevin Owens was recently fired in storyline from Smackdown by Shane McMahon, and then posted the following to Twitter.

N is the 14th letter in the alphabet, X is the 24th, and T is the 20th.

Emphasis on In-Ring Product

Triple H also emphasized during a recent interview with Yahoo Sports that the focus of NXT will be on the in-ring product.

“We will put more emphasis — like NXT has since Day One — on the in-ring product. If you are a fan of what we do, of the art form of sports entertainment and what happens in the ring, bell to bell, then this is going to be in your wheelhouse,” Levesque said. “Whereas Raw and Smackdown — this is very important, too — are more of an entertainment show and has something for everybody, this will be a bit more focused and a bit more intense.”

We also know that in addition to Triple H, Shawn Michaels plays a large role in NXT. In the same interview with Yahoo Sports, here is what Triple H had to say about HBK’s involvement with NXT.

“I think it was important for Shawn to put the business down for a little bit and walk away,” Levesque said. “As he started coming around the PC, it’s hard to come around there and not start to become invigorated by it. It’s like the fountain of youth. The excitement is contagious, and I could see him start to get that bug and his gears started to spin. I let him build at his own pace and now Shawn is probably one of the most engaged people in the product, talent and brand”

The First Episodes Will Air Hour 1 on USA and Hour 2 on the WWE Network

The episodes of NXT scheduled for 9/18 and 9/25 will air the first-hour on the USA Network but then the second hour on the WWE Network. Beginning on October 2nd, both hours of NXT will air on the USA Network, however.

No TakeOver Royal Rumble Weekend

There will be no TakeOver event Royal Rumble weekend. According to a report from Pro Wrestling Sheet, Takeover will be replaced by a Worlds Collide event. More information about the Takeover events in 2020 will likely be forthcoming in the next few weeks to months.

Triple H Tells AEW To Bring Their Best

On Pat McAfee show recently, Triple H was hesitant to call NXT and AEW on Wednesday nights a war. He did tell AEW to bring their best, however. Here is what he said:

“They will choose what they want to watch. I’m confident in NXT, I’m confident in the talent, there’s not one person I would trade anybody for. I can look at that show and say bring your best, we will and good luck.”

Matt Riddle vs Killian Dain 9/18

We also know one of the matches we will see on September 18th when NXT starts going live. Matt Riddle and Killian Dain have been booked in a street fight for that show.