Information On Chad Gable’s Current Push


Despite jokes at his expense and failing to win the King of the Ring tournament, Vince McMahon considers Chad Gable's current run as a push.

Despite having the crux of his recent push revolve around jokes regarding his height, Chad Gable is still considered as in the middle of a push.

Dave Meltzer of noted that, although Gable is doing a gimmick that suggests he is an undercard babyface, Vince McMahon allegedly likes and appreciates Gable and his work ethic. As far as Vince McMahon is concerned the jokes at his expense are still considered a push.

These jokes and jabs are apparently not designed to make fun of Gable. Instead, Vince McMahon believes they will help the WWE Universe get behind Gable as a sympathetic babyface.

King of The Ring

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Gable competed in WWE’s recent King of the Ring tournament. He was able to get all the way to the finals, defeating Shelton Benjamin, Andrade and Shane McMahon. He was originally scheduled to face off against Elias in the semi-finals. It was revealed that Elias had suffered an injury, and so Shane McMahon replaced him.

He went on to face Baron Corbin in the finals on this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW. Despite his efforts, Corbin would emerge victorious.

Chad Gable ended up interrupting Baron Corbin’s coronation ceremony on SmackDown Live. With major wins over notable SmackDown Superstars, and Vince McMahon’s attitude regarding his push, Gable may still be primed for a continued push despite not winning the King of the Ring tournament.