Madison Square Garden Gives WWE Legends Special Commemorative Gifts


Both "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and The Undertaker received special gifts from Madison Square Garden commemorating their return to the venue.

Madison Square Garden recently hosted both Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live this past week. WWE brought in WWE Legends ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and The Undertaker to appear on each show, with both returning to a heroes welcome.

Austin appeared during the opening and closing segments of RAW. ‘The Dead Man’ appeared during the opening segment of SmackDown Live, choke slamming Sami Zayn after cutting a promo about how he considers SmackDown his “home.”

To mark the occasion, Madison Square Garden gifted some special commemorative items to Steve Austin and ‘Taker. Both Superstars received custom jerseys with their name printed along the back. Austin’s was accompanied by a ‘3:16′ while Undertaker’s had ’33.’

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In addition to the jerseys, The Undertaker had a photo of him hung up on The Garden’s wall. In the picture, he is delivering a leg drop his brother Kane during WrestleMania XX. This photo was placed under a photo of Elvis Presley.

‘The Rattlesnake’ received a custom frame with iconic Austin moments that took place in MSG flanking a ‘Welcome Home Stone Cold’ message along the middle.

Both men would share their gifts online via their social media accounts, with Austin writing:

“Thank you from the great people here @TheGarden!!! Special times in a special building. It’s good to be back home. @WWE #Raw”

The Undertaker, breaking character somewhat, admitted that MSG will always be his favorite venue.

“Thank you to @TheGarden The most iconic venue in the world! The two photos were hanging on the wall backstage. MSG will always be my favorite…#msg #WWE #theking”