Man Arrested For Filming People Urinating At RAW


A man was arrested at WWE RAW Monday night.

A man was arrested in Knoxville, Tennessee Monday night for allegedly filming people urinating in the bathroom of the Thompson-Boling Arena. The venue was hosting WWE RAW at the time. According to a report from WVLT, 25-year-old Tyler Bolinger is alleged to have filmed multiple people urinating, including a uniformed police officer.

Bolinger has been charged with disseminating unlawful photographs and public intoxication. The arresting officer was at the venue and was flagged down by a man and his son who said they saw Bolinger filming people in the bathroom. Bolinger is said to have admitted to consuming 5 to 6 alcoholic beverages and filming at least two people urinating.

“As he was showing us his phone, Mr. Bolinger then closed the phone saying there was nothing there,” the officer’s report reads. He also noted that the venue was “was quite populated and also had minors present” in his report. The officer stated the video “also had what appeared to be a Snapchat caption across” it.

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Disseminating unlawful photographs is a Class E felony and Bolinger could face 1 to 6 years in prison as a result.

The original report from WLTV can be read here.