More Details On Kevin Owens Returning To NXT


Triple H has added further speculation to rumors that Kevin Owens will return to NXT.

WWE’s black-and-gold brand NXT debuts on USA Network this week. Ahead of the brand’s move, Triple H took part in an NXT media call. One of the topics brought up was the rumor that Kevin Owens may return to NXT after being fired from SmackDown by Shane McMahon.

During the call, Triple H added to the speculation to the rumor by commenting on how Kevin Owens is a great talent. He stated he would love to have him back on NXT, explaining that he doesn’t see any barriers that would stop him from appearing or moving back. That same media call saw Triple H state there is no up or down progression anymore, just lateral movement between brands.

Owens In Orlando

According to, it is expected that Owens will be in Orlando this week for September 18th where he will appear for NXT.

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It’s not known at this point in time whether his return is a long-term plan or a short stay to help shine main roster talent onto WWE’s development brand. Regardless, Owens is apparently a part of NXT’s plans for their USA Network debut.

Owens teased a return to the brand in a recent social media post. The letters he tweeted corresponded with the alphabet, translating to NXT.