Rhea Ripley Names Her WWE Role Model, Talks About Dealing With Criticisms


Former NXT UK Women's Champion Rhea Ripley has named the WWE Superstar she considers her key role model.

Former WWE NXT UK Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley has named the Superstar she considers her WWE role model: The Miz.

In an interview with Revolver, Ripley confessed her adoration of The A-Lister, highlighting his snarky attitude as an inspiration.

“I love The Miz! I absolutely love him,” Ripley admitted. “He’s so snarky, and that’s who I want to be. I want to have cool comebacks and get people to listen to me and be invested in me. Even CM Punk — when he spoke, everyone listened.”

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This attitude helps fuel her when it comes to facing criticism, especially if it’s about her physique. When it comes to how she deals with this kind of negativity, Ripley named Beth Phoenix as a key inspiration:

“My whole life I’ve had people telling me that I look like a man, I’m not feminine, I’m too masculine, all that stuff,” said Ripley. “Well, you know what? I could not give a shit. Just like I was inspired by [former WWE champion] Beth Phoenix, who also looks very masculine, I want to inspire other potential female athletes to go as hard as they want and feel comfortable in their own skin — that’s why I go out there day after day and do my thing.”

Rhea Ripley recently appeared on NXT, confronting Shayna Baszler, teasing a potential matchup between herself and the NXT Women’s Champion.