Scott Dawson Blames The New Day For Turning WWE’s Tag Division Into An “Embarrassment”


The Revival's Scott Dawson has blamed the New Day for turning WWE's tag team division into an "embarrassment."

WWE recently announced that New Day members, Xavier Woods and Big E, will be defending their SmackDown Tag Team Championships against The Revival at Clash of Champions.

Now, The Revival’s Scott Dawson has shared some harsh words aimed directly at their Clash of Champions opponents. As far as he is concerned, the New Day is to blame for turning WWE’s entire tag team division into an “embarrassment.”

Dawson shared his opinion on the current SmackDown Tag Team Champions via Twitter, writing:

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“I blame New Day for the embarrassment this whole tag division has turned into. I blame you guys for cheering them on. We make our money in the division they’ve cheapened. It’s time to make a 7 figure dent in my bank account. #TopGuys #FTRKO”

His tag partner, Dash Wilder, also added his two cents, “Good luck, New Day. Break a leg. #FTRKO”

The pair have aligned themselves with “The Viper” Randy Orton on SmackDown Live, creating a formidable new partnership. While The Revival attempt to claim the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, Orton will be facing off against New Day member Kofi Kingston. They will compete for Kingston’s WWE Championship.

Clash of Champions takes place on September 15th from the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.