Steve Austin Believes In Theory He Could Wrestle One More Match


Steve Austin thinks he could do one more match.

WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin has addressed the idea of wrestling one more match. 

On Tuesday’s episode of his PodcastOne show, The Steve Austin Show, Austin reflects on his final match in 2003 against The Rock at WrestleMania 19. This is where he discussed the possibility of returning to action inside the squared circle. 

Austin stated that for the last few times that he was recently at RAW TV events, people would tell him that he was in really good shape and asked if he thought he had one more in him. 

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He told them that it’s a tough thing to think about as he thinks most definitely he’s physically able to work another match and that he could make it to that match without getting injured. 

“Although the risks are always there, just because I think all of the surgeries, I had… where I had the spinal stenosis, and getting that bone spur taken off my spinal cord – I’m in a good place. Nerves are feeling a lot better than they use to. So, you know, in theory, could I have a match? In theory, yes.”

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Austin has been regarded as one of the biggest stars in the history of WWE

With that said, his return match would be huge and draw big money for not only the former WWE Champion but the company as well.