Taz Comments On Three-Person Announce Teams, Working With Vince McMahon


Former SmackDown commentator, Taz, has shared his thoughts on three-person announce teams, as well as working with Vince McMahon.

Former WWE commentator, Taz, has shared his thoughts on three-person announce teams. In an interview with Wrestling Inc., the former SmackDown announcer shared that he is a “firm believer in the two-man booth.”

“To me, it’s a better and easier listen. In some cases, a three-man booth is important, for example AEW because they’re a new brand and there’s a lot of stories that need to be told. I think that’s important as long as the announcers in AEW can get their cadence right,” Taz said.

“I’ve worked in both but I’ve always preferred a two-person booth. Everyone needs to know their role when it’s a three-person booth. There has to be a lead and you can’t step on each other or it will be a horrible listen.”

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Reflecting on his time commentating in WWE, Taz brought up his working relationship with Vince McMahon. He explained that Vince was always “more helpful than hurtful.” Taz added that he thinks all announcers need to be produced as it helps the announce team to be prepared.

“I learned more from Vince in my headset. But he would often get upset in a segment cause of the guys in the ring or the ref, and he’d then get on the announcers,” he said. “He was always a little harder on the play-by-play guys than the color commentators because back then the commentators were former champions or former wrestlers. Now the business is different where many commentators weren’t champions or never wrestled much. But back then he did have a little bit of a different respect for guys who laced up boots.”

WWE recently revealed new commentary line-ups for both RAW and SmackDown. Both are comprised of three-person teams.