Teal Piper Talks Her Father’s Legacy & Forging Her Own Path In Wrestling


Teal Piper participated in the Casino Battle Royale this weekend on the AEW All Out preshow. She will also be a member of the cast of Women of Wrestling season 2 which begins airing tomorrow night Saturday September 7th on AXS. Piper spoke to the 411 Interview Podcast regarding WOW, growing up with Roddy Piper as a father, and more.

Piper talked about how her parents actually didn’t let her watch wrestling growing up.

“I watched a couple matches, but ultimately my parents didn’t let me watch it, or any of us watch it because we were — it was really hard as kids to understand,” Piper said. “Like, you know what your dad’s injuries are, you’re seeing people hit him in those injuries. And you’re seeing people cheer for that, you know? And then you go to school, and people tell you ‘Oh, wrestling’s fake!’ And then your dad gets home, and he’s hurt. And it was very confusing and would make me very upset.”

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The interview can be listened to in the player below:

Teal Piper Interview Highlights

Piper was also asked during the interview how her father’s legacy weighs on her as she approaches her own pro-wrestling career. Piper says she waited to announce she was getting into the wrestling industry because of the pressure she felt being Roddy Piper’s daughter.

“It absolutely weighs down on me, and I think that the fact that I waited so long to get in the industry and even to announce that I was doing it or interested — if you look at past interviews, I have never once said I was interested in getting into wrestling. Because I knew as soon as I said something like that, there would be a lot of pressure for me to go forward. And even if I was interested, I never hinted at it until I was ready. Of course there’s a lot of pressure, and I hope that that pressure is just making me work harder and making me be a better athlete.”

Piper would continue to say that fans looking for her to be like her father are in for a rude awakening, however. She says she plans on forging her own path in wrestling.

 “I want everybody to know that if they’re looking for another ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper, they’re not going to get it here. I am not my dad, and there never will be another one. So suck it up and watch the old tapes, I guess.”

The full interview with Teal Piper can be read here.

“I certainly have some characteristics of my dad — I think we all have that from our parents — in the ring. And I love being on the mic, and I hope to bring my own fresh ideas. And I hope everyone likes the personas you’ll see me develop.”