Tony Khan Comments On PAC’s Status, All Out, & Win/Loss Records


Tony Khan took part in a post-event media scrum in Chicago following All Out last night. He commented on PAC‘s status with the company after replacing Jon Moxley on the PPV, win/loss records and how the promotion will track statistics moving forward.

His comments were posted online by Chris Van Vliet:

Tony Khan on Win/Loss Records in AEW

He also commented on how wins and losses will be tracked across different match types. Khan spoke in regards to the win/loss graphics which were displayed during wrestler ring entrances as well.

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“We did have on several of the matches, records, and they were specific records and there’s actually a list of two records, there was a record specific to the type of match it was, so for single’s there was a single’s record, there was a tag record for tag team matches and then the trios match which opened the show, there was a trios record because SCU was 1-0 in trios. So single’s records, tag records, trios records, and then we have overall records when applicable.”

“We’ve started to establish it more like a sport, does that make sense?” He asked.

Tony Khan Commenting On PAC’s Status With the Company

Khan commented during the interview that he expects PAC to be a major player in AEW moving forward.

“I do expect PAC is going to keep wrestling here,” Khan said in regards to PAC‘s status with the company.