Tony Khan Talks About AEW’s Commentary Teams


AEW President Tony Khan has addressed how the promotion will utilize their commentary team between television and pay-per-views.

After All Elite Wrestling’s recent pay-per-view All Out had concluded, the promotion held a post-show media conference. During this conference, AEW President Tony Khan addressed the company’s commentary plans going forward.

He admitted that, at this time, “It’s not exactly clear” what their commentary situation will be.

Khan explained, “Tony [Schiavone]’s just joined us, and Alex [Goldenboy] is new to us too. Alex is definitely going to be doing Full Gear. Tony will be at the Georgia football game that day, but Tony’s going to be a big part of Wednesdays. And I expect Tony to be with us on Wednesdays, and Goldenboy will be at Full Gear, it’ll be the same commentary team it was tonight on PPV.”

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When it comes to the television team once AEW debut on TNT in October, Khan addressed the demand fans have for hearing Jim Ross call the show every week:

“[…] on TV, I think there’s been a huge demand for fans that want to hear Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone call wrestling together again. And Excalibur also brings a lot of knowledge and really intelligent insight into what’s going on in the matches, and I think he’ll be a really good addition to those guys as well. So I expect we’ll mix it up for PPV and TV.”

All Elite Wrestling debuts on television via TNT on October 2nd.