Triple H Addresses Potentially Extending NXT Broadcast To Three Hours


Triple H has spoken.

Triple H took part in a conference call on Monday with several media reporters to talk about WWE NXT and the company moving the show to air on the USA Network. 

A question about initial ratings for the broadcast was brought up where he noted that viewership numbers are not as important as long term success. 

“This isn’t about hot shotting, it’s about building a brand and a franchise.” He continued to talk about how he doesn’t want to load up the episodes in the first few weeks then trail off but rather he wants to keep increasing viewership and building momentum.

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At the end of the day, he would be happy if stars can showcase themselves in the best way possible.

This Wednesday’s show, as well as the episode following this week, will be live from 8 PM – 9 PM Eastern on the USA Network while the second hour of those episodes will air live on the WWE Network.

It will air for two-hours straight on USA starting October 2nd. 

Regarding the length of the new broadcast, Triple H was clear that he “didn’t want any part of three hours.” He noted that he thinks to have a one-hour show wasn’t working because they didn’t have enough time to promote all the talents at the Performance Center. 

He thinks by having a two-hour format, there will be enough time for everyone on the roster and should create competition for spots.