Triple H Reacts To Notion That AEW Is Competition For WWE NXT


Triple H has defended the move

Triple H was recently interviewed by Alexa McCarthy of talkSPORT where he spoke about the upcoming war between WWE NXT and AEW

Not only do fans believe it but also it’s been reported that the decision by WWE officials to move NXT to the USA Network was due to AEW inking a television deal to air a weekly show on TNT starting October 2nd. 

Thus, with NXT already airing on Wednesday on WWE’s streaming service, WWE Network, it was a wise decision to air NXT on the USA Network. Although it’s easy to read between the lines, Triple H has defended the move and tried to downplay the notion that AEW is competition. 

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“To me, people can say what they want, how they want. I don’t approach it like as a competitive thing or it’s anything else, we’re just going to put on our shows. We’re going to put on our shows when we need to put them on, in the best places we need to put them on, in the right time slots for them and the best talent 

I can find in the world – and we already have them. I’m confident in that. When I look across the board at NXT in general and NXT in the UK here, we put on show after show of the highest caliber – not one match or two matches, the entire show. So I have no doubt.”

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Triple H made it known that for him it’s not competing against anyone or anything but rather, he’s trying to put on the best show for the fans of NXT

He thinks it’s funny that a few years ago they were doing this and wowing people while there weren’t competitors in the space. He questioned the idea of making the move for competitive reasons. 

The Wrestling Observer recently reported that the USA Network is paying WWE $60 million over two years for the NXT TV rights fees. Which would be $30 million a year or $600,000 a week.