Andrade Reveals He Was Nervous Meeting Ric Flair When He Started Dating Charlotte


After a lot of rumors and speculation, Andrade and Charlotte revealed that they were dating around February.

Andrade revealed an interesting but amusing tidbit about the time when he started dating Charlotte, the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair.

In an interview, Andrade revealed that he was nervous and scared of meeting his girlfriend’s father. But after meeting Flair Andrade is happy as they both seem to have a good relationship with each other.

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“When we first met I was seriously so nervous – so, so nervous,” Andrade told Digital Spy. “Now I’m so happy. I love Ric Flair. He’s a great person with me, he talks, texts me, sometimes we have dinner. He’s great with me now.”

At first, Andrade wasn’t sure if him dating Charlotte would go too well with the Hall of Famer. He even asked Charlotte to keep their relationship under wraps, but Charlotte assured him that her father wouldn’t care.

“When we first started [dating] I asked Charlotte, ‘Please don’t say nothing to your dad’, and she said, ‘No it’s my dad, he won’t care’,” Andrade said.

“But I have so much respect for her dad and professional respect for what he did in this business, he’s a legend. I’m so happy.”

He was also asked if the duo would want to appear as an on-screen couple on WWE television. Andrade was open to the idea but said that for now they are focusing on their singles career. He suggested that they both could appear on the Mixed Match Challenge as a team a few years down the line.

“Now she is focusing on her career and I am focusing on my career,” Andrade said. “But in the future maybe we’ll be a Mixed Match Challenge team. I know it’s a great idea. Maybe not now, maybe in a year or two years.