Another Bad Sign For Future Of WWE 205 Live


205 Live won't air this week.

The future of WWE 205 Live is looking grim as another indication about its status has surfaced online. 

WWE Network News is reporting that 205 Live is currently not listed on the schedule for this coming Friday night on the WWE Network after Friday Night SmackDown goes off the air on FOX. 

As of this writing, WWE has not confirmed the cancellation of the show but many people believe that’s the next step due to a few different reasons. 

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This comes after WWE made the decision at the last minute to cancel last week’s episode of the show despite announcing matches for it. At the time, WWE reportedly claimed that it was just a one-time thing. 

WWE Canceled New Episode Of 205 Live On Friday Night

One indicator was the fact that fans picked up on how “NXT” is now in front of the name of the Cruiserweight Title. The title will be on the line this coming Wednesday when champion Drew Gulak defends against Lio Rush. 

The belief is that WWE has plans to bring the 205 Live wrestlers into NXT as well as send some to NXT UK.

Although not confirmed, there has been speculation of adding a third hour of WWE programming with that content airing on FOX Sports 1 after Friday Night SmackDown, which would bump 205 Live from its timeslot.