Brandi Rhodes: “There Still Aren’t Enough Women In Wrestling”


Brandi Rhodes spoke to recently.

Brandi Rhodes says it’s part of her job to remind everyone that there still aren’t enough women in wrestling. The AEW executive recently took part in an interview with and spoke about her role in the company and efforts she has been spearheading to make AEW events inclusive of everyone.

“There are plenty of smart women that are interested to work in wrestling,” Rhodes said during the interview. “It’s part of my job to remind people that there still aren’t enough women in wrestling.”

Rhodes also clarified her role as it concerns AEW‘s Women’s division.

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“I don’t book the women’s division, but I provide a voice from the women to the men to get their voices out there,” she said. “I’m sure it’s annoying after you’ve been involved in wrestling for all these years, and you’ve had all this success, to have a woman come in and say, ‘Hey, that’s not how we like to do things.’ But you’re not a woman. And women hate being told by men how they’re going to think, how they should be, and what they’re going to feel.”

Brandi Rhodes on Working With KultureCity

Brandi also spoke about her work with KultureCity to make AEW events inclusive shows.

“We’re trying to make it easier for people all across the board,” said Rhodes. “Parents to engage with their kids, or adults with sensory issues, PTSD, extreme anxiety, autism,” said Rhodes. “We’re educating venues about KultureCity, too, and it’s really great that people are saying how great the experiences are.”

The full interview with Brandi Rhodes can be read here.

Rhodes continued to talk about AEW remaining open to new ideas and concepts.

“We need to remain open-minded,” she continued. “Sometimes wrestling tends to be in this bubble, where nothing else exists but wrestling. We need to reach other areas of entertainment, like when we worked with Stephen Amell or the crossover with DC Comics. We need to remember we’re not too big, or a bully to anyone else in entertainment.”