Brock Lesnar Advertised For More WWE SmackDown Events


Brock Lesnar added to more shows.

With Brock Lesnar back on television and the WWE Champion, WWE is starting to advertise him for more shows. 

Those shows are not Monday Night RAW TV events like in the past, which is the brand that he had been featured on since making his return to the company in 2012. 

Instead, Lesnar has been announced for WWE Friday Night SmackDown TV events as SmackDown is now the A-show as it airs on FOX.

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WWE’s official website is now advertising him to appear on the November 22nd event in Chicago, Illinois. Also, the Daily Update on F4Wonline notes that he’s locally advertised for the December 27th show in Detroit, Michigan where he’ll face Kofi Kingston in a dark match. 

His move to SmackDown comes after he beat Kingston for the WWE Title last Friday night. As noted, he’s also advertised for the next pay-per-view event, Crown Jewel. 

Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez Reportedly Targetted For Crown Jewel

As of this writing, he has yet to be advertised for Survivor Series. Here is a list of his current schedule with WWE

  • October 11: WWE Draft on Friday Night SmackDown – Las Vegas
  • October 25: WWE Friday Night SmackDown – Kansas City
  • October 31: WWE Crown Jewel – Saudi Arabia
  • November 15: WWE Friday Night SmackDown – Philadelphia
  • November 22: WWE Friday Night SmackDown – Chicago
  • December 27: WWE Friday Night SmackDown – Detroit