Carmella Regains 24/7 Title From DJ Marshmello


Carmella regained the 24/7 title during an unaired segment from Smackdown.

Carmella is now a 2x 24/7 title champion after having regained the title Friday night during an unaired segment on Smackdown. She had previously lost the title to DJ Marshmello earlier in the show.

As Marshmello was attempting to leave the venue he opened a car door only to reveal another person dressed as DJ Marshmello inside. A 3rd Marshmello then came up from behind and rolled up the real Marshmello and got the pin. The 3rd Marshmello then revealed herself to be Carmella.

WWE posted the following video of Carmella regaining the title:

24/7 Title Statistics

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Carmella recently passed Maria Kanellis in days spent as 24/7 champion. If she can hold on to the title past Monday’s RAW she’ll pass Elias as well.

Only 5 wrestlers have held the 24/7 title for longer than a day:

  1. R-Truth 19x champion – 82 days with title.
  2. Drake Maverick 6x champion – 23 days with title.
  3. Elias 4x champion – 15 days with title.
  4. Carmella 2x champion (current) 12+ days with title.
  5. Maria Kanellis 1x – 7 days spent with title.

Multi-time champions who have not held the title for longer than a day:

  • EC3 – 4x champion
  • Jinder Mahal – 2x champion
  • Mike Kanellis – 2x champion