Chris Jericho Comments On AEW’s Ratings Victory Over NXT


Chris Jericho says WWE is embarrassed and their arrogance is gone after Wednesday night

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) World Champion Chris Jericho spoke with Complex Sports about Dynamite’s victory over WWE NXT in this week’s ratings. This Wednesday saw the two promotions go head-to-head for the first time in a battle that AEW won.

“They started this,” Jericho stated. “Everything that they’ve done has been reactionary to us. We’re not in a war with anybody besides ourselves…all that matters is our show.”

He extrapolated his point, explaining that “They [WWE] kinda started this war, and the very first night they got destroyed. Big deal, it’s our first debut, but they have to come back and say ‘it’s a marathon and not a one-night sprint.’ Whoever said it’s a one-night sprint? It’s not a war for us. Now, we’re placed in one, and we’re gonna kick ass.”

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His thoughts follow WWE‘s statement on Dynamite’s premiere. They congratulated them for their win before adding that fans “can expect Wednesday nights to be a competitive and wild ride as this is a marathon, not a one-night sprint.”

Jericho and his tag team partners Ortiz & Santana defeated The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega in 6-man tag team action. The fallout of this match saw the debut of Jake Hager in AEW.

You can see a clip of Jericho’s comments in the embedded tweet below.