CM Punk Names His Favorite Horror Films, Filmmakers, & More


CM Punk recently took part in an AMA session to promote his new movie.

CM Punk is busy promoting his movie “Girl on the Third Floor” these days. The film currently holds an 87% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.1/10 on Punk took part in an “Ask Me Anything” session recently on Reddit. During the talk, he listed off his favorite horror movies, bands, and more.

“Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Thing, Night of the Living Dead,” Punk responded when asked his favorite horror films of all time. He would also recommend John Carpenter when asked about his favorite filmmakers. “John Carpenter! Christ he’s done so many amazing films!”

“I think there are a ton of great horror movies out there that explore different things….even the worst horror movie is still great!” Punk responded when asked about the quality of horror movies out there today.

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Punk was also asked about his favorite 80s comedy film and if he would ever act in a comedic film: “I love Adventures in Babysitting and I would love to do a comedy,” Punk responded.

“Hard to say but I love Rancid so much,” Punk responded when asked about his favorite band.

Punk was also asked about Robert Pattison’s portrayal of the new Batman.

“Very interested to see his portrayal. I remember when heath ledger was announced for Joker and people shit all over it – -but it wound up being brilliant,” Punk wrote.

Punk was asked what actor he would like to work with and responded with Dave Bautista. He listed multiple reasons why he would like to work with Batista someday.

“Dave Batista because we’re friends and we’re comfortable together and I know how big his penis is!!” Punk said.

Punk had the following to say regarding the last time he saw Teddy Hart: “Last time I saw Teddy was in a hotel in Mexico City and he gave me a jump suit! Awesome!”

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