Kevin Smith Says His SmackDown Invite Was Pulled Due To AEW Appearance


Kevin Smith reveals that his invite for SmackDown Live on FOX was nixed after he appeared on All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite on TNT.

Appearing for an interview on The Rich Eisen Show with AEW World Champion Chris Jericho to promote the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot film, Smith also touched on his SmackDown appearance that he and Jason Mewes were scheduled to make.

Talking about their AEW appearance, Kevin said:

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“You know how big it was? It was big enough enough that like, me and Jay (Jason) were lucky enough to be involved, Chris invited us to be involved with the debut match on TNT. We were supposed to go do WWE, me and Jay the very next day which was Friday. And then the morning after, cuz we were on the AEW show – it trended, like they was a lot of coverage and stuff. The next morning we were told that the WWE was like you can’t come on anymore. They cancelled it.”

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Smith added that the cancellation felt really weird to him. “Can you believe it? It felt really weird, man. There’s a line drawn in the sand, they pushed us onto the one side of it.” Rich Eisen added that the duo were “hit with a figurative chair”.

Chris Jericho was asked if the news of the cancelled appearance was great to hear. Chris agreed, and said, “Like I said, just by the fact that we exist, made WWE angry cuz they’ve been the monopoly for so long. Now, are we competition? Like it’s figurative we are. But for us, it’s an alternative, it’s an option.” Chris added that some people are proclaiming that this is the “wrestling wars”, but AEW is not at war with WWE or Superbowl or anyone.

You can watch the full interview embedded in the video above.

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