Nick Aldis Explains Why CM Punk Should Consider A PPV Match With NWA


NWA Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis has explained why CM Punk would be a dream opponent for him, and why Punk should consider an offer from NWA.

Current National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis recently appeared on an episode of The NWA Podcast. During their conversation, Aldis opened up about NWA‘s growth and future ambitions following the premiere of their new show, Powerrr. He was also asked at one point about who he would be interested in wrestling if no boundaries existed for his choice.

Aldis responded by contemplating who would draw the most money. He listed Triple H, Brock Lesnar, and former WWE Superstar CM Punk as viable options as a dream opponent.

“I’ll tell you this for free – Punk could negotiate a deal with us and we could do a PPV tomorrow where he keeps half the revenue. We’d do it no questions asked,” Aldis said. “If we said we’ll do all this, we’ll build all this and you come out of retirement because you wanna honor the business like Harley Race…You know, Punk was at Harley’s funeral. Punk paid his respects the same way I did. This is not me trying to cut an angle, I have great respect for Punk… He has the power to do that tomorrow.”

Seven-Figure NWA Championship Match

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For him, a feud or match between the two of them for the NWA Heavyweight Championship would make sense because of the amount of money they could make.

“I mean look at the packages we put together for me and Cody,” Aldis said, referring to his match with Cody at All In. “Imagine the kind of packages we could do with Punk. He could sell out Chicago like that, you know? I genuinely believe he could take the reigns on the entire business side of it and he could make seven figures to wrestle me for the NWA title.”

NWA Powerrr recently premiered on YouTube. The entire show is available to watch below. 

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.