PCO Expected To Re-Sign With Ring of Honor


PCO is expected to remain with Ring of Honor.

PCO’s contract with Ring of Honor is expected to expire at the beginning of December. He is expected to remain with the company, however. PCO’s pending free agency was addressed recently in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

“PCO’s contract expires on 12/1, but he is expected to stay and ROH has been working hard to keep him and he was very happy how he was treated in the last year,” wrote Dave Meltzer.

PCO is scheduled to face Rush for the ROH World Championship at Final Battle in December. He won a single-elimination tournament to determine a new #1 contender for the title recently won by Rush.

PCO Discusses His Pending Free Agency

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The ROH title contender recently discussed his pending free agency on the Wrestling Epicenter podcast.

“Yeah, my contract is coming up soon. But, I just think they’re going to do everything… You know, they’ve got great wrestlers here. Sinclair Broadcasting is huge. They’ve got all kinds of resources and talent in legal and marketing. I think there is a bright, bright future ahead for Ring of Honor,” said PCO. “It is going to be very interesting going into 2020. There has been a lot of big moves that have been made lately. I can’t really say too much. I can’t predict the future that much. But, I can tell you that they are going to be amazing in 2020!”