Tony Khan Says He’s Not Surprised By AEW Dynamite’s Success


Tony Khan talked about Chris Jericho's new stable during the post-event media scrum from AEW Dynamite.

Tony Khan took part in a post-event media scrum from AEW Dynamite. During the interview, he was asked if he had any benchmarks going into the show that he was able to check off.

“Yeah, like all of them,” Khan responded. “Everything I was hoping we could do, I think we did with this. The one thing I don’t know yet is the ratings but I’m really happy with the way the show came off and I’m really happy with the early feedback I’ve gotten.”

“I think as far as where we are at creatively, I think we’re in a great place, and I’m not surprised by that,” he continued.

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SEScoops was on-hand backstage and posted the following video of Khan discussing Wednesday night’s show:

Tony Khan Interview Highlights

Khan also spoke about Chris Jericho‘s faction during the scrum:

“I thought the stable that we’re going to learn more about, they looked really good together, didn’t they?” Khan asked.

“It looked like a stable to me,” Khan continued. “The way they walked, the way they talked, the way they acted, they seemed like guys with a plan.”

Khan would continue to say there are many free agents he might want to sign but he’s not going to let the media know who they are. He would also mention that the promotion is hoping to air the dark matches taped from the event.

“They will be aired and I think as we go on we’ll smooth it out and we’ll develop, that it’ll be a new franchise I actually think we can get out of the good wrestling from these tapings.”

He noted that the dark matches will likely be available free online eventually.

Khan also confirmed that in addition to being a wrestler on AEW‘s roster, Awesome Kong works full-time backstage as well. She worked as a producer on Wednesday night.