Triple H & FOX Sports President Discuss WWE Ratings Decline


Triple H attempted to downplay it.

FOX Sports President Eric Shanks and Triple H have spoken on the decline of WWE ratings in recent years as part of a new article posted by the Associated Press ahead of the Friday Night SmackDown FOX premiere and the 20th Anniversary celebration. 

Shanks believes SmackDown has the potential to do big things for Friday night TV as he thinks it as the chance to rejuvenate it. 

Triple H stated that he thinks to have the chance to go to a broadcast platform with partners like FOX that wants to take what WWE does and embrace it by helping it increases the value of the brand. He thinks fans will see changes right away. 

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This is where “The Game” downplayed the decline in WWE’s television ratings. 

“I think any show that has been on the air as long as RAW and SmackDown have, you’re going to have moments in time where things ebb and flow,” Triple H said. “When you look back over it, you hope that as you look back 10 years from now, you go, ‘oh, there was a little dip there but it wasn’t for long and they corrected course and got right.'”

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Shanks chimed in by stating that WWE hasn’t had the programming and awareness that they will have on FOX. FOX is hoping it will grow after the anniversary show.

It’s been noted how FOX has been heavily promoting the move of SmackDown from the USA Network to the network. This is due to the big money television deal that WWE inked with FOX.