Triple H Says Vince McMahon Has No Desire To Be In Daily Operations Of WWE NXT


Triple H has calmed the fear of fans.

Triple H once again discussed the fear by many fans of WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon getting involved with WWE NXT

He did so when he spoke with Sports Illustrated to promote Wednesday’s WWE NXT episode on the USA Network. 

According to “The Game,” while McMahon has his fingerprints on everything in WWE and there is no NXT without him, he doesn’t want to get involved with the brand. 

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He wants NXT to be different, something for the more passionate fan base. It’s a darker, grittier feel, it’s different. He totally understands that. But he has no desire to be in the day-to-day operations. Vince has a lot of other things on his plate.”

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The fear is based on the belief that he’ll step in if NXT starts to fall to AEW (All Elite Wrestling) in viewership. 

Starting this Wednesday, there will be head-to-head competition between both shows. NXT airs on the USA Network and AEW Dynamite will air on TNT at the same time.

Time will tell whether changes are made to NXT as it will come down to whether they can beat AEW in the weekly ratings.