Spoilers: MLW Opera Cup Results (12/5)


Opera Cup spoilers are in

Major League Wrestling was in Queens, NY at the Melrose Ballroom on Thursday night for an event titled Opera Cup that served as TV tapings of their Fusion show.

Matches on this show were taped for the weekly MLW Fusion TV series on beIN SPORTS. The first episode from this taping is expected to air in the coming weeks, with the replay being uploaded to MLW’s YouTube channel.

MLW Fusion TV Taping Results

Dr. Dax defeated Maverick Chris Calaway

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Opera Cup Match: Brian Pillman Jr. defeated TJ Perkins. Post-match, Pillman was interviewed by Alicia Atout where he talked about tonight would be his and 2020 would be his year. 

Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeated Low Ki 

They aired a video on King Mo Lawal.

Opera Cup: Timothy Thatcher defeated Richard Holliday.

Opera Cup: Alex Hammerstone defeated MJF. Post-match, MJF offered his hand and when Hammerstone took it, MJF collapsed in exhaustion.

They aired footage of Tom Lawlor’s recent turn. This led to Lawlor coming out for a promo about how everyone wants to talk about the Von Erichs as he thinks they’re idiots. He knocked the fans and questioned if they are even real Von Erichs. He introduced Lance Von Erich. 

Tom Lawlor defeated Rip Von Erich. Post-match, Lawlor cut a promo about how he is undefeated against the Von Erichs. Marshall and Ross Von Erich came out to confront him but were attacked by the Spirit Squad.

MLW Middleweight Champion Myron Reed defeated El Lindaman

They aired a video feature on the forthcoming AAA working agreement.

Injustice walkout for a promo about how they are not in the Opera Cup. Officials came out asking them to leave. They refused to leave and brought a chair into the ring until King Mo came out along with ACH to end the segment. 

ACH & King Mo defeated Jordan Oliver & Kotto Brazil.

Opera Cup Semi-Final: Brian Pillman Jr. defeated Timothy Thatcher

Opera Cup Semi-Final: Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeated Alexander Hammerstone (with Richard Holliday)

Pillman vs. Smith in the finals of the Opera Cup.

Konnan came to the ring where he cut a promo about MLW and AAA is going to do business together and there are some really great things in store. He would put over Gino Medina and noted that Salina de la Renta is trying to recruit Gino. He called Renta bad news. This led to Renta coming out and they traded words. Konnan questioned why Medina would sign with her after all she’s done with Low Ki and the Lucha Brothers. The Dynasty came to the ring to talk about them, which led to Konnan making jokes at the Dynasty’s expense. MJF came out said that he could get Medina two elite contracts. Medina picked Konnan, then attacked him and joined The Dynasty.

Ross and Marshall Von Erichs defeated The Filthy Squad, Mike Mondo & Ken Doane. Post-match, Lance Von Erich attacked Ross and Marshall after the match. 

Prince of Darkness Match: Jimmy Havoc defeated Mance Warner.

New York Street Fight: Gino Medina defeated Savio Vega.

Alicia Atout interviewed The Dynasty in a backstage segment. 

CONTRA Unit’s Jacob Fatu & Ikuro Kwon & Simon Gotch defeated Strong Hearts’ CIMA & El Lindaman & Shigehiro Irie.

Opera Cup Finals: Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeated Brian Pillman Jr.