Vince McMahon Backing Push Behind WWE Star


Vince McMahon is behind Erick Rowan

A new report on which WWE star that Vince McMahon is backing has surfaced online. 

It’s been noted on a few different occasions that Ricochet, United States Champion Andrade, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, The Street Profits, Samoa Joe, and Aleister Black are the favorite stars of Paul Heyman, who serves as the RAW executive director. 

Vince McMahon Backing Talent

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the reason behind Erick Rowan’s push on RAW is due to the WWE Chairman and CEO.

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McMahon is a fan of Rowan’s and has been “heavily behind” Rowan’s push. Thus, for people wondering why he’s been given a renewed push, that’s why. 

It also means that there are bigger things in store for him as McMahon likes to push a monster on television and that’s exactly what he’s doing with Rowan. 


With the several names mentioned above, they are either getting a big push right now or will get one soon. With WrestleMania season about to begin starting next month with the Royal Rumble pay-per-view event and eventually WrestleMania, expect to see these stars heavily featured on television. 

His push started a few months ago when he was revealed as Roman Reigns’ attacker and not Daniel Bryan as the attacker, which was expected. Bryan as the attacker was the original plan. 

Rowan was later moved to RAW where he was slightly repackaged after teaming with Luke Harper, who was recently granted his release from the company.