Damien Priest Talks About Working With Triple H On His Entrance


NXT Superstar Damien Priest has opened up about working with "The Game" Triple H on honing his entrance in the black-and-gold brand.

NXT Superstar Damien Priest has been making waves since his debut on the black-and-gold brand. As well as being a top talent in the ring, Priest also has a captivating entrance. In an interview with Sporting News, Priest opened up abut refining his entrance to suit his character. He managed to achieve this with the help of a WWE Legend who knows all about attention-grabbing entrances: “The Game” Triple H.

Damien Priest On Creating Presence

Priest reflected on his love of pro wrestling growing up. For him, it was never about the flashiest moves. Instead, it was the spectacle that captured his imagination. This drive for spectacle is something Priest has attempted to showcase throughout his career, always making sure his “presence was felt a little differently than everybody else.”

“There’s no shortage of good pro wrestlers and good entertainers,” he said. “There’s so many of them nowadays. But I’ve always been adamant about the way I was presented. I wanted to make sure it was special every time. I didn’t want somebody to turn on the TV midway through an entrance and change the channel. I wanted them to be intrigued without me even performing yet in the ring. That’s how I feel in love with the business.”

Capturing The Spectacle

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Priest then pointed to Legends like The Undertaker and The Ultimate Warrior and the way they could entertain the crowd before they even stepped in the ring. It was something Priest wanted to capture with his own character.

“It was mesmerizing and I wanted to make sure that was a part of what my presentation was. I had a writeup of ideas that I brought to Triple H. He was super cool, didn’t turn down any ideas, he just morphed them to make them better and was very adamant about — in agreement with me about — that my presentation had to be unique and special because there’s no shortage of guys that can go in the ring.”

He continued, “This company, especially our brand, it’s known for our go, go, go, in-ring style so that’s not an issue. The issue was creating something that stood out a little bit differently and created something a little more special which I’ve tried to do my entire career no matter where I worked. Here, with the production team we have, we’re able to do it in a way cooler way and I was excited.”

Full Entrance

Priest added how the presentation of his character with WWE‘s guidance really excited him when he first signed with the promotion. He shared how, when he and other Superstars go over ideas, he will stress the importance of his full entrance. 

“I’m like as long as I have a full entrance, whatever you guys need me to do and everybody starts laughing because that, to me, is so important, the presentation aspect. I’m proud of what we’ve been able to do and the way it’s perceived. People dig it and I’m glad because we worked hard at it.”

Damien Preist took part in a Fatal 4 Way on this week’s episode of NXT. The winner of the match would become the new number one contender to Roderick Strong’s NXT North American Championship. Keith Lee would emerge victorious