AEW Dynamite Results & 5 Takeaways (4/1)


AEW Dynamite aired live tonight from an undisclosed location. The remaining four wrestlers in the TNT Championship tournament revealed tonight.Kip Sabian, Dustin Rhodes, Colt Cabana, and Lance Archer completed the bracket and the tournament will begin next week.

Dynamite Results (4/1)

  1. Kenny Omega def. Trent
  2. Hikaru Shida def. Anna Jaye
  3. Lance Archer def. Marko Stunt
  4. Natural Nightmares def. Dark Order
  5. Shawn Spears & Sammy Guevara def. Darby Allin & Cody

Here are 5 takeaways from the show:

Omega Defeated Trent In A Great Match

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Kenny Omega squared off against Trent in the first match of the night. Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy accompanied Trent to the ring. AEW wrestlers were once again back in the crowd for tonight’s episode.

Match Recap: Omega took Trent down to start things off and applied a Headlock. Trent broke free and caught him with a knee to the face. Kenny sent Trent to the corner and shoved his boot in his face. Omega unloaded a chop to Trent’s chest but Trent battled back with a Double Stomp that sent Kenny rolling out of the ring.

Trent connected with a Moonsault and shared a hug with Orange Cassidy and Chuck. Omega sprinted across the ring and flipped onto everyone on the outside. Back in the ring, Omega slammed Trent to the canvas and went for a cover but Trent kicked out at two.

Kenny connected with a Backbreaker and followed it up with two more of them for a near fall. Trent went to work on Kenny’s injured hand for the next few minutes of the match. Kenny battled back and Powerbombed Trent in a steel beam in the arena. The action returned to the ring and Kenny hit a Neckbreaker over his knee for a two count.

Trent connected with a Tornado DDT and followed it up with a Splash in the corner. Trent hung up Kenny in the ropes and planted him with a Baseball Slide German Suplex as Dynamite went to a break. When Dynamite returned, Kenny and Trent were trading chops with five minutes remaining.

Omega hit a knee to the face but Trent shrugged it off and hit a Piledriver for a near fall. Trent went for another Tornado DDT but Omega escaped and connected with a beautiful Snap Dragon Suplex. Kenny followed it up with a V-Trigger with two minutes remaining. Trent hit a Belly to Back Suplex off the top rope and Omega landed awkwardly. Omega then hit the One Winged Angel for the pinfall victory.

Opinion: Kenny Omega and Trent had a great match to start this week’s Dynamite. I really like how many minutes are left in the time limit throughout the match. It adds tension and made the last part of the match that much more intense. Hopefully Omega is alright after it appeared he landed on his neck. Trent has had several great singles matches in AEW already. He had a very good match with Jon Moxley and an awesome one with Omega tonight.

Lance Archer Dominated In His Debut

Lance Archer made his in-ring AEW debut tonight. Before the match, Jake Roberts claimed that Cody is afraid of Archer and Brandi Rhodes must wear the pants in the relationship. Archer then faced Marko Stunt.

Match Recap: Archer took out a worker on the way to the ring. Archer then leveled Stunt with a Clothesline and beat him down in the corner. Marko tried to fight back but Lance Archer sent him flying across the ring with a Release Suplex. Marko ran away and then hit Lance with a few Dropkicks in the corner.

Archer leveled Stunt with a shoulder tackle and sent him flying out of the ring. Lance then hit a massive Chokeslam and followed it up with the Blackout for the pinfall victory. After the match, Archer Chokeslammed Marko onto Billy and Austin Gunn.

The Exalted One Doesn’t Like Yawns

Brodie Lee
Brodie Lee, the Exalted One of the Dark Order

Another vignette for the Exalted One aired this week. Brodie Lee stood in front of a TV with static and demanded that members of Dark Order refer to him as “Mr. Brodie”.

One of the members of Dark Order yawned and Brodie scolded him. Brodie said he looked weak and he cannot have that in Dark Order. Lee asked that he never yawn in his presence again and asked him to leave the room.

8 & 9 of Dark Order then faced Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall).

Match Recap: QT Marshall threw the mask that Brodie presented him last week in the air as a distraction to start things off. QT hit a couple of punches before Dustin tagged in. Rhodes hit an Arm Drag as a couple wrestlers chanted “you still got it!”.

Marshall tagged in and 8 & 9 took turns beating him down in the corner. QT battled back with a Suplex and tagged Dustin back in. Rhodes hit an Atomic Drop and followed it up with a Bulldog. Dustin planted #9 with a Powerslam and followed it up with a Cannonball off the apron. Back in the ring, Natural Nightmares hit a Flapjack for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Brodie Lee came down to the ring and Powerbombed the member of Dark Order that took the pinfall. Lee then stared at the other member of Dark Order before he left the ring.

Vanguard 1 Stole An Inner Circle Shirt

Jericho cut a promo from in his hot tub and went on a rant about everyone in The Elite being morons. Vanguard 1 showed up behind Jericho as Chris turned his attention towards Matt Hardy.

Chris got up and said “Vanguard 1, I knew you’d come”. Jericho couldn’t bring himself to say the word “sorry” and once again tried to recruit Vanguard 1 to Inner Circle. Jericho presented Vanguard 1 with a tiny Inner Circle shirt.

Vanguard took off once again and Jericho whipped a bottle of bubbly at him. Jericho then shouted “release the hounds!” and his dogs then chased Vanguard 1 away to end the segment.

Opinion: This entire segment was hilarious but I think the most underrated part is that Jericho was apparently in the hot tub with pants and a belt on.

Darby Allin Leveled Cody After The Match

Sammy Guevara and Shawn Spears faced Cody and Darby Allin in the main event of this week’s Dynamite.

Match Recap: Spears started off the match in control and hit Cody with a shoulder tackle. Cody battled back with a boot to the face and tagged in Darby. Spears hit him with a punch to the face and tagged in Sammy. Guevara wanted to vlog instead and approached Brandi by the barricade. Sammy asked for a kiss and Brandi took his phone again. Darby leveled Sammy with a shoulder tackle and sent him flying into the barricade. Cody and Darby connected with dueling Suicide Dives as Dynamite went to a break.

When Dynamite returned, Sammy hit Darby with a knee to the face and knocked him out of the ring. Back in the ring, Guevara hit Allin with a Double Stomp and tagged Spears back in. Spears hit Darby with a chop to the chest. Sammy bet Shawn that he couldn’t hold up Darby in a stalling Suplex. Spears accepted the challenge, hung Darby up for ten seconds and won the money.

Spears then bet Sammy that he couldn’t do it for 15 seconds. Sammy accepted the bet and won. Shawn then went all in and tried to do it for 20 seconds but Darby rolled him up for a two count. Allin then planted Spears with a Suplex of his own as Cody pleaded for a tag in the corner.

Sammy missed with a Shooting Star Press and Cody tagged in. Cody hit Spears with an Enziguri and then delivered a Powerslam to Sammy for a near fall. Cody followed that up with a Cutter for another two count. Cody locked in the Sharpshooter but Spears broke it up. Cody then trapped Spears in a Figure Four but Sammy broke it up with a Shooting Star Press.

Guevara went for a Cutter but Cody countered into a Cross Rhodes. Spears dragged Spears out of the ring and threw him over the barricade. The heels in the crowd started beating Cody down as Dynamite went to a commercial.

Back from the break, Spears and Sammy had Cody trapped in the corner. Cody connected with a Moonsault and tagged in Darby. Allin took out Sammy and Spears with a Dropkick and followed it up a springboard Coffin Drop. Allin leveled Sammy with a Suicide Dive and went for one on Spears but he caught him.

Spears launched Darby into the barricade and placed him on top of it. Guevara hit Allin with a Dropkick and then turned around into a Splash from Cody. Back in the ring, Spears hit C4 and rolled Cody back to the outside. Allin climbed up the steel beam and hit a Coffin Drop onto Spears and Guevara.

Darby and Sammy then battled on the top turnbuckle. Sammy threw Darby into the barricade once again. Cody hit Sammy with a Reverse Suplex but Spears immediately hit Cody with a Frog Splash. Guevara slid a chair into the ring and Darby ripped it away. As Allin tossed the chair out of the ring, Spears capitalized on the distraction and rolled up Allin for the victory. After the match, Cody tried to help Allin up but Darby leveled him with a right hand. Allin then got pissed off and walked backstage to close the show.

Opinion: I loved that Darby Allin leveled Cody after the match because both men are in the upcoming tournament to crown the first TNT Championship. I do not think it was Darby turning heel, I believe it was supposed to signify that he was sick of losing and was frustrated.The tag match tonight was also solid and I enjoyed the mid-match gambling by Sammy and Spears.

Overall, this week’s episode of Dynamite was a very entertaining show with a couple of great matches. It was also announced that Moxley will defend his AEW Championship against Jake Hager in two weeks in an No Holds Barred Empty Arena match. You can check out a video package that aired to hype the match below.