Arn Anderson: “WWE’s Most Loyal Employees Get Kicked In The Nuts”


Double AA talks about the mistreatment of Jim Ross during his time in WWE

AEW on-screen talent and former WWE agent Arn Anderson recently discussed WWE‘s Over The Limit 2010 PPV on the ARN podcast. As is usual with the show format, Anderson would also discuss issues from the time of the show with co-host Conrad Thompson.

One of the topics raised was that of Jim Ross, who stated in his new autobiography Under The Black Hat how he was mistreated by WWE and Vince McMahon on a number of occasions. JR would also state that despite this he loved working for the company and still holds Vince McMahon in high regard to this day.

Arn Anderson on WWE

Conrad Thompson would ask Arn Anderson on the podcast “Most would agree WWE mistreated JR. It felt like as as an outsider that Vince [McMahon] occasionally used JR as a bit of a public punching bag. Would you agree with that?”

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Anderson would not only agree but he elaborated on how WWE would sometimes treat the most loyal of employees. “Imagine that, kick the most loyal in the nuts” Anderson began.

“It just seems like sometimes. and it happens in every occupation out there, that the most loyal employees? The ones that that work the hardest and try the best to be a model employee? It seems like squeaky wheel always gets the grease, you know?”

Anderson would finish by saying that “these guys get abused and used. And the guys that give them [WWE] all the sh*t? They are the ones that get the grease, so I think this is just another huge case of that.”

Arn wouldn’t confirm who he was referring to with regards to people who give the company “sh*t,” but with the amount of stories out there about certain individuals it is fairly easy to get an idea of who ‘The Enforcer’ was referring to.

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